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5 Ways to Make Money From Christmas PLR Articles

Money is a struggle durning the holidays some times. You don’t realize until the end of November just how many gifts you want to give to family and friends. And then the reality that you still have bills to pay and you can’t ignore those doesn’t help.

At Niche Info, I decided to create a massive selection of Christmas PLR articles meant for helping you build income as quickly as possible without stress and without hesitation. Enjoy them all and profit quickly too!

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Now let’s talk about 5 money-making techniques.

Virtual Events: Host webinars or online workshops using content from the articles. Charge for attendance or secure sponsorships for these events. — Showcase the fruitcake recipes!

Offline Newsletter: Take some articles and print out a few onto some good-quality paper and laminate. Go to local businesses like nail salons , coffee shops, and others. Offer ad space that will be placed into a holiday themed newsletter and given out or mailed used EDDM. Be sure to send out at least 10 days before the holiday!

Podcast: Record each article. Publish using a podcast service that allows you to schedule out your shows. In between each episode market a specific relevant affiliate product. Place the short link into the description. You can also build your list vs selling something.

Pinterest: Take each article and turn them into 3 to 5 Pinterest pins. This means you will have text for 150 to 250 Pinterest pins. Either hire someone to create the pins OR do them yourself inside of Canva. Use MidJourney to create a combination of graphics. Join a Pinterest scheduler and publish 10 to 15 postings a day. Each posting can link to either an Amazon product OR to a CPA offer or to your blog or to your email list.

YouTube: Turn each article into a voice over faceless video. Use Canva or other software to help and create scripts with A.I programs. In each article tell them you’re an affiliate. Pick a product to promote that is relevant to that article.

It’s honestly easy but hard.

All of these ideas are easy on paper. But they sadly take time to complete. They take commitment and also patience to achieve. You can take each one and do them. But don’t commit to ALL of them. Instead, dedicate your time and enjoy the process.

I once saw an article that detailed that we all find that bump that pulls us down and makes us want to start over. Don’t start over. Understand that the bump will climb once again — soon. Yes it will come back but it will ALWAYS come back as long as you ….

Keep Moving Forward

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